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A guide to young players joining DFC

We have had a lot of enquiries from parents how they get their young players (under 8 and under 10) to join DFC.

Registration for Durbanville Football Club will take place on the next two Sundays between 10 and 12 am. Should you miss these dates, you can still register at the club, details to be confirmed.

If your son has not played for our club before you will need to bring:

2x ID photos (colour or black/white), a certified copy of his/her birth certificate and you need to complete 3 forms, CTTFA Junior Registration Form, DFC Junior Registration form and a SAFA Registration form,  which you can download off the site or fill them in at the club.  For players who have played for DFC last season, you only need to complete the DFC and CTTFA forms, and no photo's or ID required.

Fees are R1400 for the season which begins with trials in February, the games start beginning of April and ends around mid September, actual  dates will be confirmed.

Should you not be able to make the full payment on registration, a R300 deposit is required, the balance is due by  28th February. 

Training takes place, for under 6, under 8, under 10 and under 12, on a Monday and Wednesday evening, for under 14, under 16 and under 18, on a Tuesday and Thursday, times are the same for all,  5:30 for 5:45 - until around 7 pm. 

Junior games are  played on Saturday mornings (home or away), younger teams typically early start between 8 and 9am.

Football boots and shin pads are required, you can purchase club shorts and socks at the club shop.


Seniors Pre-season

All senior players (existing or new, any team) are invited to our first pre-season session as we focus on getting into shape for the 2017 CTTFA season.

Date: Tuesday 24 January 2017 
Time: 18:30 
Place: Durbanville Football Club 

Please bring your training gear, boots and your shower goodies for afterwards, spice it up as you see fit :)

If you need more information you can contact Carl Phillips on 072 422 9049.

Registrations 2017

Registrations for 2017 will take place on the following days in January, at Klazinga Park.

Sunday 15 January

Sunday 22 January

Sunday 29 January

Time : 10h00 - 12h00. 

Registration forms for the 2017 season are now available. Click on the link to download.

For all existing members, please complete the DFC and CTTFA junior or senior forms.

For new members or those transferring from other clubs, in addition to the DFC and CTTFA forms, please complete the SAFA Registration form, please also provide a copy of ID or Birth certificate, as well as 2 passport size photos (colour or black&white acceptable). Please note that copies of ID documents and Birth Certificates MUST be certified.

Annual subscription fees for Juniors are R1400, for Seniors they are R1500.

The junior age groups have reverted to Under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 for the 2017 season. 

The committee details for 2017 are now available under the stewardship of incoming Chairman Paul Maggott and new Junior Chairman Andrew Worrall. We wish the new committee all the best for the season and thank them in advance for the hours of work they put in which is required to keep DFC operational and successful.

Furthermore, the club is always looking for coaches (junior and senior) as well as referees or assistant referees.  We have struggled with in particular referees and assistant referees for many years now and would encourage all players to qualify and give back to the club to lighten the load on the handful of volunteers. 


Message from the Chairman

We are fast approaching the end of the 2016 calendar year. This is traditionally a time of celebration and time spent with family, friends and loved ones. 
Durbanville Football Club has achieved great success both on and off the field over the past year. The Senior teams did extremely well with 3 teams winning their leagues…..the First Team not only winning their league but just being pipped at the post at the final hurdle of the Regional playoffs. 
The Junior teams held their own in their leagues and the fruits of the first year of more effective coaching structures will certainly bear fruit in the coming season.
DFC were awarded the Club of the Year, the First Team were awarded Team of the Year and Darren Frattelli was awarded Player of the Year by the CTTFA District. CTTFA are the biggest LFA in the country. The cherry on top was the award given by SAFA Cape Town to Darren Frattelli for Player of the Region for 2016……certainly a magnificent achievement and testimony to the hard work of those involved at our Club. 
We are blessed with wonderful facilities both in terms of our Clubhouse and fields. A special thank you to Indawo for their generous contribution to the upgrade of our Club. A special thanks also to the City of Cape Town for their support in managing our fields.
I encourage the Durbanville Football family to reflect on the past year in both footballing sense and family terms, appreciate and cherish those close to you and assist those less fortunate where possible. Should you be travelling over the Christmas period please drive safely. Have a Blessed Christmas and a wonderful and prosperous New Year. 
I look forward to seeing everyone at the Club in the New Year. 

Paul Maggott

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Logs : Group Division : A1 - Premier Division
2132572631 66
08-A1-Norway Parks261835632241 57
12-A1-Hellenic261565685315 51
06-A1-Edgemead G/W261628492821 50
13-A1-Rygersdal261241055532 36
01-A1-FN Rangers26961147452 33
02-A1-Sunningdale City2696114652-6 33
11-A1-Saxon Rovers268994064-24 33
07-A1-Wynberg st Johns2686124858-10 30
03-A1-Vasco da Gama2685134349-6 29
14-A1-Northpine United2677125366-13 28
05-A1-Fish Hoek2683153840-2 27
10-A1-Bellville City2661192446-22 19
09-A1-Camps Bay2645172554-29 9
Fixtures and Results : Group Division : A1 - Premier Division
2016/04/0215:4501-A1-FN Rangers0-104-A1-DurbanvilleFNB Staduim A 
2016/04/0915:4504-A1-Durbanville2-109-A1-Camps BayKlazinga Park A 
2016/04/1615:4510-A1-Bellville City1-404-A1-DurbanvillePP Smit Staduim A 
2016/04/2315:4504-A1-Durbanville1-006-A1-Edgemead GWKlazinga Park A 
2016/04/2715:4512-A1-Hellenic0-604-A1-DurbanvilleTygerhof Sports Complex 
2016/04/3015:4504-A1-Durbanville2-105-A1-Fish HoekKlazinga Park A 
2016/05/0215:4507-A1-Wynberg st Johns0-304-A1-DurbanvilleWynberg A 
2016/05/0715:0005-A1-Fish Hoek0-204-A1-DurbanvilleCup 1st Round 
2016/05/1415:4504-A1-Durbanville2-003-A1-Vasco da GamaKlazinga Park A 
2016/05/1720:3002-A1-Sunningdale City1-204-A1-DurbanvilleSunningdale A 
2016/05/2115:4504-A1-Durbanville3-013-A1-RygersdalKlazinga Park A 
2016/05/2815:4504-A1-Durbanville1-108-A1-Norway ParksKlazinga Park A 
2016/06/0415:4511-A1-Saxon Rovers2-204-A1-DurbanvilleMaitland A 
2016/06/1115:4504-A1-Durbanville2-114-A1-Northpine UnitedKlazinga Park A 
2016/06/1615:4504-A1-Durbanville2-101-A1-FN RangersKlazinga Park A 
2016/06/1815:4509-A1-Camps Bay2-204-A1-DurbanvilleCamps Bay A 
2016/06/2515:4504-A1-Durbanville1-010-A1-Bellville CityKlazinga Park A 
2016/07/0215:4506-A1-Edgemead GW1-204-A1-DurbanvilleEdgemead A 
2016/07/0916:0004-A1-Durbanville0-210-A1-Bellville CityCup Quarter-Final 
2016/07/1615:4504-A1-Durbanville1-312-A1-HellenicKlazinga Park A 
2016/07/2315:4505-A1-Fish Hoek1-204-A1-DurbanvilleFish Hoek A 
2016/07/3015:4504-A1-Durbanville1-307-A1-Wynberg st JohnsKlazinga Park A 
2016/08/0615:4503-A1-Vasco da Gama1-204-A1-DurbanvilleDa Gama Park A 
2016/08/0915:4504-A1-Durbanville2-102-A1-Sunningdale CityKlazinga Park A 
2016/08/2015:4513-A1-Rygersdal2-304-A1-DurbanvilleRygersdal A 
2016/08/2715:4508-A1-Norway Parks1-204-A1-DurbanvilleRoyal Road A 
2016/09/0315:4504-A1-Durbanville3-111-A1-Saxon RoversKlazinga Park A 
2016/09/1015:4514-A1-Northpine United1-304-A1-DurbanvilleCentral Park A 
= Indicates that a match report is linked to this result. Click the icon to view the match report.


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